They keep the real monetizing good stuff all to themselves...

How To Profit From The Biggest
- But Seldom Disclosed -
Strategies In Foreclosure Investing...

Here's the Sad Truth: The Gurus Teach You One
Thing, But Do Something Totally Different To
Make Their Own Millions!

I'll give you their single biggest secret in this article!

By Tim Randle

I'll bet you've wondered why all these real estate investing gurus have made millions, but when you buy their products, you don't have near the same success. The truth is, they're holding back the main strategy that links you to wealth... the big wealth... that they enjoy for themselves.

If that doesn't make you mad, it should. You shell out thousands of dollars to buy one method, but these hypocrites do another.

You want desperately to build a better life for you and your family...

...and these rats don't give a damn about you or your loved ones - just your money!

Keep on listening to these crooks, and you'll wind up shelling out even more dollars on even more junk that'll never get you anything - except more useless trash..and you'll be lucky to make two dollars you can rub together.

Revealed: Real Estate Investment Guru's Dirty Little Secret

Knowing this one thing can make the difference between a life of frustration, groping for answers to make ends meet, or a life of opulence.

Here's what they use but they're not telling you: Marketing!

Believe it or not, the lifeblood of any real estate investing success is marketing. Why? Because it doesn't matter if:

  • You know REO back and forth
  • You've got every wholesaling course ever made
  • You've learned every sneaky little Short Sale secret in the book

I'm here to tell you, if you don't have a grasp of real estate marketing...

You Can Take All That Info and
Pitch It Into the Nearest Dumpster!

Before we go any further, I want to set something straight... if you don't have buyers or sellers, you don't have squat. You can know 19 ways to flip houses, and 29 methods to wholesale...

...but if you don't know how to drive herds of buyers and sellers to your deals, you've got nothing. Nada. Zilch.

Game over.

Sure, you can give away hundreds - even thousands - to gurus who'll gladly take your cash as they snicker to themselves. They know their secret is safe.

Or, you can buy courses on lead generation. That'll teach you a little about marketing. Just be careful you get one that works.

The problem is...

I've Only Found One Real Estate Authority Who Teaches
Both Investing Tactics AND...
Emphasizes A Marketing Strategy That
Pulls Everything Together

It's like I'm that old guy in a robe.. Diogenes was his name... holding out a lantern, searching for an honest man. I've found a few of them that team up over at

I've found one in particular that's really caught my eye. You may have heard of him. His name is Josh Cantwell. This guy not only teaches effective strategies for making HUGE profits in foreclosure investing, he spends just as much time on building your marketing machine.

Because once you understand marketing, you'll never worry about finding enough clients to do ANY kind of real estate deals.

I'm happy to introduce you to Josh... he has the reputation for being an honest man, as well as an innovator. He's gotten many of the "gurus" out there started.

Many of them took his methods and ran with them. But the problem is,

They're Using Stuff A Couple Of Years Old

Listen, my friend. The foreclosure market changes daily. If you don't have your ear to the ground, like Josh does, you're not gonna capitalize on the constantly changing rules and trends.

It's like I said... he's an innovator. He doesn't just invest, he creates new strategies based on adapting to moving targets.

His stuff is fresh, and up-to-the-minute... he prides himself on being ahead of the curve.

My point is:

Can You Say That About Any Other Expert?

None that I've met. This guy's the total package: Integrity, innovation, tactics... and let's not forget the most important ingredient: marketing!

And if you have any doubts about his ability to generate piles of wealth with his students, just check out these:

"I've been to many seminars but this one has the nuts and bolts of short sales and the people are genuine. "

John Stilwell

"I really felt the event was the most comprehensive short sales training that I've ever had. I was able to meet some players in different states. Josh was impressive and Jeff is an awesome dude! "

Mark Coble

"A lot of real estate guys will sell you information and books. SREC will actually teach you how to develop and take your business to a level where the owner does not have to be present - real freedom! (Jeff-) Absolutely refreshing to learn from a lawyer that has the passion to stay current on trends in the market. (Josh-) Absolutely the best info I have heard about building and growing a business to a mature level. "

Doug Till

"The event confirmed that SREC is the real deal with committed people looking to make me successful. "

Maria Trojillo

"This event was unlike any seminar that I have been to - only content rich, not sell-a-thon rich! "

Louis Wu

"I loved the information at this event. Everyone in Josh's organization was very friendly and also focused and professional. They truly are committed to helping their students transform their business. (Jeff-) I am in love with his brain. (Josh-) great energy and commitment. "

Anne Richards

"(The event) No fluff, No BS, all real-world, usable "meat". Add to this high-level, high integrity and honorable people and you have a perfect recipe for success. "

Brad Simmons

Quite simply, he's one of the most respected, most demanded authorities on foreclosure wealth building.

No wonder his high - priced coaching club is always jam-packed, with a long waiting list.. his products have a notorious reputation of selling out... just like his seminars.

Now tell me, what if I could give you a head's up on his next big event? If you truly want to grab your share of the foreclosure riches that this once-in-a-lifetime market can give you, you should jump on this with both feet while openings are available.

Because the highly respected is joining forces with him for one weekend only, where he's going to give away enough info to set you up for life!

Here's A Sneak Peak at What's Happening

The first thing he will do... IF you are quick enough to get a seat in the seminar... will be to show you everything you need to get going on the path to effortless real estate investing wealth in your own automated business.

And that's just for starters... because if that was all he did for you, that would be the bargain of a lifetime. But consider what he'll reveal to a few worthy investors at the Foreclosure Academy this May 14-16, 2010:

Your Foreclosure Success Blueprint

  • In this crucial session, he'll reveal his unique proprietary tactics that are the foundations of his seven-figure real estate business... and show you how to quickly customize it to build your own seven figure cash monster.
  • Quick overview of his one-of-a-kind effortless marketing system, where buyers and sellers alike are magnetically drawn to you as the go-to guy or gal that moves properties - can you help it if you become rich in the process? Marketing is what separates the wannabees from the millionaires. It's that simple - and that profound...
  • He'll give you your winner's mindset. You'll master your inner mental game and get deals done in record time no matter what the circumstance.
  • Make more money than the scam artists while following "all the rules" and "doing it right" - the newest and best ways to flip foreclosures 100% legally and ethically
  • He'll personally prepare you with the latest forecasts and statistics, giving you precise strategies for making even more from today's market... and how to squeeze every last dollar from tomorrow. Get this right, and in one year's time, you may never have to work again!

Your Foreclosure Dream Team

  • You'll learn how to find, recruit, build, and grow a team of superstars to work for you, while you sit back and collect the checks
  • Yes, you can get someone to collect the checks for you, too, if you must
  • Find "human bird dogs" to fetch you top profit deals
  • Hire and find your loss mitigators - a fifty-cent word for someone who will handle negotiations and free you from arguing for the best deals... when you hire a pro with years of experience, it's cheap, and takes the headaches away from the toughest part of your gravy train
  • Find and hire your own personal BPO agent, who'll do more to get you the best buys on properties than the rest of your team combined
  • How to get the investor's biggest enemy - realtors - to work for you to list and sell your houses at a breakneck pace, and have them grateful for your business
  • How to find and partner with the best title companies in your area to close your back to back and single closings transactions, solving closing nightmares before they materialize, leaving you to pocket your profits without closing day hassles
  • Using Virtual assistants to jumpstart your marketing, so you leverage your time and energy - and pay them only 5 dollars an hour.

Marketing and Acquisition: Organic Lead Gen

  • Discover how to use TV commercial, direct mail, door knocking, cold calling, your list, voice broadcasting together as a marketing machine filling your funnel with endless opportunities...

Property Acquisition: Realtor Referral Renaissance

  • The most explosive lead generation technique Josh in use today, you'll learn how to set up your business and create a center of influence to turn on the faucet for deals to find you.
  • Discover the secrets of getting "centers of influence" to give you their foreclosure deals because you help everyone profit: Mortgage brokers give you dead re-fi leads, Attorneys give you bankruptcy leads, Bird dogs and realtors give you all kinds of leads...
  • Learn our proven techniques to get these professionals to outsource their deals to you for free.
  • Josh's students using this method with 30 houses in the pipeline with NOTHING SPENT ON MARKETING... NOT A SINGLE DIME! He'll take you by the hand and show you how to create an endless funnel of leads streaming into your pipeline... all without opening your wallet for marketing.

Deal Analysis, Deal Filter, Seller Script, and Positive Results Conversation

  • How to pre-qualify your deals so you can focus on the winners and drop the time wasters... you'll qualify the sellers to see if the property is worth an appointment
  • Decide which deals to keep for long term wealth and which ones to flip for quick cash... the vital knowledge that gives you fast cash, or future riches

Sales Mastery For Top Dollar Sales

  • Master the art and science of converting the seller into a deal every time, almost at will
  • Learn the 5 step approach to converting the seller into a high profit deal.
  • Overcome every objection sellers may throw your way... and leave them begging for your services

And those are just the Preliminaries. When Josh Cantwell really gets momentum, he'll reveal...

Option Contract, disclosures, addendums With Top Short Sale Attorney Jeff Watson

  • Making the foreclosure business even easier through "BRAND NEW" short sale contracts and Addendums - Jeff and Josh make it easier because they've set the trend, actually shifting and shaping the market with their strategies
  • Discover everything you'd ever need to know from the original creator of the option contract. Don't know what the option contract is? This is one of the biggest ways to make cash in short sales, the heart of the foreclosure market
  • All disclosures & all addendums to foolproof your offer and limit your liability, and exactly how to fill them out.


  • Exactly how to line-up and close back-to-back and single sale closings to happen at the same time, without conflicts making the deals fall apart
  • What are the Closing and Funding "RED FLAGS" to closing your back-to-back quick-turns that must be cleaned up and approved prior to closing
  • What Closing and Funding "BLACK FLAGS" that will shut down your deals in a heartbeat and make all you efforts fall apart - you'll be able to short-circuit each and every one of these deal-killers, and instead walk away with your pockets stuffed full of money

The Short Sale Package and Forms, HUD 1 Design and Intro to Loss Mitigation

  • Learn the exact package that every lender will want... your negotiations will go smooth as silk
  • How to design the perfect HUD1 that will often net you thousands of dollars more per deal - simple tricks this seemingly boring and simple document that no one else knows
  • How to craft a short sale package that will get attention and let your negotiator bring you top dollar
  • Covers letters, hardship letters, HUD1, order of the package, where to send it to, how to get it assigned quickly, and other paperwork you'll easily know, good enough to train your team members to do for you

Broker's Price Opinion's

  • Best way to execute the BPO so you buy at the lowest price so you can sell at the highest price for the greatest profit!
  • How to get the lender to use your BPO values every time
  • Tips, tricks, and strategies on how to fill out your own BPO or appraisal
  • Little known strategies for using REO comps, Sold comps, pending comps and active comps to maximize your earnings per deal


  • Learn the inside scoop on how to find, evaluate, "buy and flip" or "buy, rehab and flip" REO's. Short Sales and REO's are the most explosive area in Foreclosures

Buyer's Lists & Greenlight Selling System and Selling Checklist

  • Today's best strategies for building a huge buyers list online and how to harvest the buyers list to sell your houses fast
  • Selling checklist to follow to get your properties the most exposure quickly, having buyers knocking down your doors to buy your houses

Fast Funding for flips and holds

  • Get all the money you'll ever need to fund every real estate transaction
  • Discover the difference between hard money, private money, transactional money, 2 - 90 day short term money, long term buy and hold money... and exactly how to get it

Title Company, Closing Protocol & C Buyer Addendum

  • Discover exact methods for how to get your deals closed every time - FAST
  • How to locate and interview and qualify a title company or closing attorney

Bonus "No-Holds-Barred" Q & A Session With Jeff & Josh on Opening Night Roundtable Discussion

  • Jeff is notorious for his detailed question and answer sessions and this bonus Q & A will be no different. Be sure to join Jeff and Josh as they answer all of your hardest hitting questions when it comes to marketing, short sales, contracts, and doing deals in today's changing times.

But there's something else that Josh is doing. He's practically...

Giving Away The Store To You!

It's almost as if Josh is emptying out his private store for those that attend. These aren't bonuses to entice you... they are extra incentives for success for those wise enough to take action immediately.

  • Foreclosure Academy ($1997 value): Step-By-Step Strategies to Fast Profits With Foreclosures Three (3) Day Boot Camp May 14-16, 2010 in Dallas, TX. Be a part of this three (3) day intensive training event where we will teaching, but not limited to, these areas of Foreclosure:

    • Short Sales
    • REO's
    • Wholesaling Properties
  • Round Table Mastermind With Josh Cantwell and Jeff Watson (PRICELESS): This is an open floor discussion where you can get your most burning questions answered personally, by Josh and Jeff in living color. This valuable access could give you personal information that may mean the difference between your next investment being a flop - or a multi-million dollar deal!
  • Bring Your Spouse or Partner for FREE ($1997 value): Share this experience with your business partner or spouse absolutely FREE. They will be able to attend the full 3-day event along side you while you explore the great possibilities in Foreclosures.
  • The Ultimate Short Sale System (Digital Version - $1495 value): New and Improved Home Study Course with 6 Modules:

    • Module #1: Multiple Medium Marketing - Foreclosure Process Explained, 35 Multiple Medium Marketing Strategies, 27 Sample Marketing Pieces, List of Marketing Vendors and Resources
    • Module #2: Referral Marketing & Conversion - Recruiting and Partnering With Buyer's Agents And Realtors, What to Say to Agents and How to Overcome Every Objection, MLS Marketing, Realtor PPT Presentation & Seminar Marketing Plan
    • Module #3: Tools of the Trade - Contracts, Addendums, Disclosures, How to Construct Offer Price, Seller Script and Qualification
    • Module #4: Short Sale Negotiating w/ Lenders & B.P.O.s - Leveraging The HUD 1 For Additional Profit Centers, FNMA, FDMC, FHA and VA guidelines, Exact Explanation Of The Loss Mitigation Forms, How to negotiate with 1st, 2nd, 3rd and liens
    • Module #5: Green Light Selling System & Funding - Buyer's List Building Checklist, MLS Listings And How To Position Your Listing, Property "Syndication"
    • Module #6: Closing, Cash Flow and Keepers - Coordinating Closings, Understanding Approval Letters, Qualifying a Title Company, FHA Buyers, Seasoning
  • Loss Mitigation Negotiation Service ($4000 value): Josh and Jeff will negotiate deals for YOU on properties 300k and over (by application only and at their discretion). You will be teaming up with Josh and his team who will guide you step-by-step through your high end deals.
  • Transactional Funding (Priceless): Whether you decide to partner up with Josh or not, he will provide you with pre-approval letters for your deals up to Five Million Dollars.
  • 56 Wholesaling Secrets Home Study Course (Digital Version - $997 value): This comprehensive course will guide you through the ins and outs of wholesaling. It will guide you on how to structure your deals so you are making huge profits. It's what Josh likes to call his "6 steps to 6k in 16 days".
  • Mega Media Marketing Mini Course (how to market your company on Television without going broke) ($497 value): Let this mini course "open the flood gates" on how to market yourself on a budget. Get your brand out there, be seen, become one of the most sought out investors in your area.
  • World Short Sale Main Event Audios ($1997 Value): Exclusive recordings completed in January of 2010. You are receiving over 28 hours of unedited comprehensive recordings absolutely FREE. Hear the questions, hear the answers, it is like if you were actually there.
  • Platinum Coaching Audios - 10 coaching calls from Josh's $24k per year high end coaching ($1994 value) - You will receive recordings of two never before released "Gold Coaching Only" events. This is part of Josh's private collection of Platinum coaching audios that he only makes available to his HIGH end students, but for this one time only, he is giving them to you. These audios will walk you through the issues of the everyday investor and show you how Josh is able to guide you through them so you end up with the results you want.
  • Rehabbing Rebel Audio ($197 value): Audio Interview recording with a six-figure Rehabbing Expert.
  • 147k Manuscript (Digital Version - $497 value): This is Josh's personal notes and review of his own events. It is a 245 Page manuscript of the highlights and best ideas of his coaching only events.

This simply may be the most comprehensive, complete foreclosure investing event ever held...

But - Only A Few Lucky Students Will Be Able To
Attend This Seminar...

...and get trained by Josh Cantwell himself. Like I said, he's one of the most in-demand experts in foreclosure today. His products fly off the shelves, and his seminars sell out at the blink of an eye.

Think about it... Josh ensures your success by teaching you the simplest, yet most scientific marketing system ever brought to the real estate market. He finds properties way undervalued in markets on the verge of explosive price moves upwards between 30% and 300%.

And if you've got the right mindset, he'll show you how to do the same.

Make no mistake, Josh's handful of students are literally fleecing the flock of other real estate investors. And with his marketing methods driving tons of people to his door, it's like taking candy from a baby.

These investors have no limits on how much they can make. This is like a dream. But for Josh Cantwell's followers, it's a dream come true.

And, if you follow his simple instructions, you can live that dream too.

But Now for the Bad News...

This is NOT for everybody.

Not everyone with a credit card and a desire to be rich will be able to attend this closed-door seminar this May 14th, you must act quickly, or be left out in the dark. I expect this to fill up even faster than his other seminars and we can only fit so many investors into the hotel conference room we've been given.

So if you've got $1497 to invest in your future, click the button right away.

(Click Here for the Two Payment Option.)

However, if you're unsure you want to make that kind of a commitment, then you should know...

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed...
Or you get Every Single Cent Back... No Questions Asked!

Josh Cantwell and REIClub DO NOT want unhappy customers. In fact, if you're not 100% delighted at what you learn, within 30 days, simply ask for a refund, return all the materials you received and...

... you'll get the entire $1497 purchase price back. And we'll still be friends.

Both and Josh Cantwell have well established reputations you can bank on. They want you to be happy, and will accept nothing less. So..

There's No Way To Mess This Up.. No Way To Go Wrong!

With the best backing in the industry, rest assured you're getting the most quality education, and the best skill you can come by today. My only question to you is,

Are you prepared for the flood of money that will drown your bank account, once you get back from this seminar, hitting the ground running?

I'm betting you are. So click here to get started:

(Click Here for the Two Payment Option.)

So go ahead and strap yourself in for the wildest ride to riches you've ever had in your life. Because where we're going, you don't need any roads!

Yours for higher profits,

Tim Randle

P.S. - Don't miss out on the one chance you'll have to get what really works, from the guy with a proven system. It's time to finally put your real estate investing on track to achieve financial independence. Click now, while there are still seats left:

(Click Here for the Two Payment Option.)

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