"Conquer The Crash"

Warning: The Largest Tidal Wave Of Foreclosures Still To Come…

Don’t be left unprepared. Discover how to not only survive but thrive in the foreclosure real estate collapse of 2010. Join me at The “SREC Foreclosure Academy” May 14th, 15th, and 16th where you’ll discover…

  • How to build your solid foundation for your real estate investing business and take advantage of this profit ripe marketing even if you’re starting with no money, credit or experience.
  • Identify all the warning signs to prepare for and prosper in the crash ahead.
  • How to create a hands-free, auto-pilot real estate investing business to make more, work less, and enjoy the freedom and lifestyle you truly deserve.

From the Desk Of Josh Cantwell
Re: SREC Foreclosure Academy May 14 – 16, 2010 – Dallas, TX.

Dear Friend

Take a close look at the image below, it may be the most important chart you’ll ever lay eyes on:



This chart from international financial services firm Credit Sussie predicts the second foreclosure meltdown.

"Despite some initial signs that subprime foreclosures were near a plateau, the combination of severe weakening in the economy, continued decline in home prices, steady increase in delinquencies, particularly in the prime mortgage space, ensure that foreclosure numbers, absent more dramatic intervention, will march steadily higher," wrote Credit Sussie.

Let’s take a closer look…

  • The dark green bars on the left represent the subprime mortgages that led to the first massive credit crunch and housing meltdown.
  • The light yellow lines represent all the trouble still ahead

Here’s what all this means and…

How You Can Profit From This Massive Opportunity

You see, we’re just catching up on the glut of foreclosures entering the market. And if you think we’ve hit rock bottom, just wait.

It’s a scary time for most, but for well prepared investors fortunes will be made.
And that’s why I’m writing you today.

My name is Josh Cantwell and for the last seven years I’ve bought and sold nearly seven hundred foreclosures, pre-foreclosures, short sales, and REO's.

Right now my students and I are making a killing in real estate. That’s because we know how to capture opportunity when it appears.

And I’d like to share those same strategies with you…

Here’s a look at what you can expect to learn this May 14 – 16 at "The SREC Foreclosure Academy" in Dallas, TX:

  • My unique proprietary tactics that are the foundations of my seven-figure real estate business... and show you how to quickly customize it to build your own seven figure cash monster.
  • An insider’s look at my one-of-a-kind effortless marketing system, where buyers and sellers alike are magnetically drawn to you as the go-to guy or gal that moves properties. Marketing is what separates the wannabees from the millionaires. It's that simple - and that profound...
  • The winner's mindset. You'll master your inner mental game and get deals done in record time no matter what the circumstance.
  • 100% legal and ethical investing! You can not only take advantage of this amazing opportunity, but help countless families in the process.
  • The latest forecasts and statistics, giving you precise strategies for making even more from today's market... and how to squeeze every last dollar from tomorrow. Get this right, and in one year's time, you may never have to work again!

Bill Laursen – Thanks for presenting me more of the tools I need to succeed. It was top-notch in every way. I will sharpen them for my situation and continue to move forward to help underwater home sellers, myself and my family.

The Apprentice Partnership Program

  • Become eligible to become a Partner of mine by attending this event
  • The time is now! I have been closing short sale deals with partners across the US since 2004. I am looking to do more short sale deals with partners in your area because deals are easy to find right now. Plus we can buy them at basement prices and cash buyers are easier than ever to find.
  • Here’s how it works. You find a buyer’s agent. The agent finds you the deals using one of my 33 different lead generation strategies. Then you just send them off to me. My team will negotiate them and get the approvals. Your realtor turns around and sells them. I’ll fund them and close them. My team will do practically all the work.
  • We split the profits 50/50
  • You do virtually none of the work. Just find an agent to get the foreclosure short sale deals for you and you get paid.
  • Plus learn how to create your own apprentice program so everyone else in your town is bringing you their best deals so you can become a mini-me. 

Omar Brown- I would suggest to anyone getting into the business of foreclosures and short sales to become a member of Strategic Real Estate Coach. You guys are the best.

Your Foreclosure Dream Team

  • You'll learn how to find, recruit, build, and grow a team of superstars to work for you, while you sit back and collect the checks
  • You’ll discover how to recruit and train bird dogs and buyer’s agents to do all the “heavy lifting” lead generation for you
  • How to get these same agents and bird dogs to overcome any and all seller objections, gather the paperwork and drop it off at your home or office
  • Yes, you can get someone to collect the checks for you, too, if you must
  • Find " bird dogs" to fetch you top profit deals
  • Hire and find your loss mitigators - a fifty-cent word for someone who will handle negotiations and free you from arguing for the best deals... when you hire a pro with years of experience, it's cheap, and takes the headaches away from the toughest part of your gravy train
  • Find and hire your own personal BPO agent, who'll do more to get you the best buys on properties than the rest of your team combined
  • How to get the investor's biggest enemy - realtors - to work for you to list and sell your houses at a breakneck pace, and have them grateful for your business
  • How to find and partner with the best title companies in your area to close your back to back and single closings transactions, solving closing nightmares before they materialize, leaving you to pocket your profits without closing day hassles
  • How to locate and qualify lenders who will easily fund your end buyers without seasoning problems
  • Using Virtual assistants to jumpstart your marketing, so you leverage your time and energy - and pay them only 5 dollars an hour

Mega Media Marketing

  • Discover how to use remnant TV commercial advertising space to drive leads to your phone lines or websites while you sleep
  • How to separate yourself from the competition by becoming the top of mind reference for every seller and agent in the city
  • Become an instant celebrity and gain credibility without ever talking to anyone
  • Never rely on bandit signs, or lazy realtors for leads again
  • Why local affiliate television networks are desperate for your advertising dollars and how to get huge exposure super cheap
  • Drive tons of seller leads to your phone number or website all day every day

Michael Rosen – The event gave me information I can act on. It was not just motivational; there were many ideas that can be implemented. It exceeded my expectations.

Mark Coble (World Short Sale Main Event II – January 2010)- I really felt the event was the most comprehensive short sales training that I’ve ever had. I was able to meet some players in different states.

Laser Targeted “Sniper” Marketing

  • How to teach your team to use direct mail, door knocking, door hangers, flyers, post it notes and gourmet marketing to make the phone ring off the hook
  • Learn my proprietary telemarketing scripts to increase your seller conversions
  • Discover how to maximize your list, skip tracing and voice broadcasting together as a marketing machine filling your funnel with endless opportunities...
  • Learn to mine the MLS for profit rich short sales, REOs and rehabs that everyone else has overlooked
  • Become a Continuing Education (CE) approved instructor and teach the foreclosure education classes to hungry real estate agents who will bring you deals by the droves.

Splash, Bang, Boom Marketing

    • How to drive leads while you brand you company so everyone loves doing business with you
    • Learn to build a professional image and have a “get it done” reputation in the community 

    Referral Renaissance Lead Generation

    • The most explosive lead generation technique in use today, you'll learn how to set up your business and create a center of influence to turn on the faucet for deals to find you.
    • Find out how buyer’s agents will fight tooth and nail to get the foreclosure “list” from you and compete to bring you the most profit rich short sales and REOs before anyone else
    • Discover the secrets of getting "centers of influence" to give you their foreclosure deals because you help everyone profit: Mortgage brokers give you dead re-fi leads, Attorneys give you bankruptcy leads, Bird dogs and realtors give you all kinds of leads...
    • Learn our proven techniques to get these professionals to outsource their deals to you for free
    • Become an author by slapping your name on my free report. Waalaa! You are an author and you didn’t have to write a thing. Hand it out to your network and watch as they begin viewing you as the expert they go to partner on deals and get advice
    • My students using this method with 30 houses in the pipeline with NOTHING SPENT ON MARKETING... NOT A SINGLE DIME! He'll take you by the hand and show you how to create an endless funnel of leads streaming into your pipeline... all without opening your wallet for marketing.

    Free and Cheap Labor: Virtual Assistants, Interns and Sweat Equity

    • Using Virtual assistants to jumpstart your marketing, so you leverage your time and energy - and pay them only 5 dollars an hour or less.
    • Harnessing the power of your local college, university or even high school to outsource the “heavy lifting”
    • Watch as interns drive seller and buyer traffic to your business and smile all day as they work for FREE!

    Carol Burton – Jeff always shares so much good info! Josh has the ability to make information more understandable, Lots of good information about how to run a business. Derek is very approachable, easy to understand!

    Deal Filter, The Seller Qualification Script, and Positive Results Conversation 2.0

    • Qualify the sellers on the phone in ten minutes or less to see if the property is worth an appointment
    • How to pre-qualify your deals so you can focus on the winners and drop the time wasters...
    • Know exactly which deals have equity, which don’t, pull comps in a heart beat and what strategy to use to make money on every lead
    • Decide which deals to keep for long term wealth and which ones to flip for quick cash... the vital knowledge that gives you fast cash, or future riches
    • Master the art and science of converting the seller into a deal every time, almost at will
    • Know the objections that sellers will give you way in advance and overcome them before they even come up
    • Learn the 5 step approach to converting the seller into a high profit deal.
    • Overcome every objection sellers may throw your way... and leave them begging for your services

    Seven Figure Business Systems

      • Discover the systems I have developed and use every day that you will implement to create a spike in revenue and free time at the same time
      • Learn the time management tricks I use that will create an extra 20 hours of free time for you each week so you can focus on what’s really important, your family, your friends, your faith and your personal growth
      • How to hire only “A” players so your business grows with or without you
      • Why email is evil and how to get out of email bankruptcy
      • Plus much more
      • Bonus session on Saturday evening

      Doug Till (World Short Sale Main Event II – January 2010)- Josh’s explanation of Business Systems was over the top. Wow!

      Joe Heffley (World Short Sale Main Event II – January 2010)- Josh’s explanation of how to get rid of distractions was the best part of the event.

      Contracts With Top Short Sale Attorney Jeff Watson

      • Jeff Watson is a practicing lawyer and works in court rooms and closings all day every day
      • He represents investors, private lenders, transactional funding companies and landlords full time.
      • Learn his techniques to full proof your offers and your business 
      • He pioneered and created the Option Contract Method for quick-turning short sales. Learn this proprietary technique from the master.
      • Making the foreclosure business even easier through "BRAND NEW" short sale contracts and Addendums - Jeff and I make it easier because we’ve set the trend, actually shifting and shaping the market with their strategies
      • Discover everything you'd ever need to know from the original creator of the option contract. Don't know what the option contract is? This is one of the biggest ways to make cash in short sales, the heart of the foreclosure market
      • All disclosures & all addendums to foolproof your offer and limit your liability, and exactly how to fill them out.
      • You’ll leave the event with these documents in hand for super fast implementation.

      Canda Stewart – I have spent almost $35,000 on another group. Although I did learn, there was nothing as “real” as your content. Josh and all of you gave huge amounts of content at this 3 day event. You were able to really touch deep into the issues like personal blockers that hold me back and how to make this a business. Every speaker was just awesome with great content.

      The Short Sale Package and Forms, HUD 1 Design and Intro to Loss Mitigation

      • Learn the exact package that every lender will want... your negotiations will go smooth as silk
      • Know which banks to avoid and which banks to embrace
      • Don’t waste time on the problem deals ever again
      • How to design the perfect HUD1 that will often net you thousands of dollars more per deal - simple tricks this seemingly boring and simple document that no one else knows
      • How to craft a short sale package that will get attention and let your negotiator bring you top dollar
      • Covers letters, hardship letters, HUD1, order of the package, where to send it to, how to get it assigned quickly, and other paperwork you'll easily know, good enough to train your team members to do for you
      • How to make money 5 different ways from A-C transactions

      Broker's Price Opinion's

      • Best way to execute the BPO so you buy at the lowest price so you can sell at the highest price for the greatest profit!
      • How to get the lender to use your BPO values every time
      • Tips, tricks, and strategies on how to fill out your own BPO or appraisal
      • Little known strategies for using REO comps, Sold comps, pending comps and active comps to maximize your earnings per deal

      Karen McGarity (World Short Sale Main Event II – January 2010)– An experience that is hard to pinpoint what was the BEST “a-ha” moment, business changing tip or most important strategy to implement first!

      Percy Ellsworth – Josh is the best – seriously! Jeff is accessible and extremely knowledgeable


      • Learn the inside scoop on how to find, evaluate, "buy and flip" or "buy, rehab and flip" REO's. Short Sales and REO's are the most explosive area in Foreclosures
      • Discover how to get REO listings before they go on the market and avoid your competition entirely 
      • Find out what paperwork and disclosures to use to easily flip REOs without headaches or conflicts
      • Learn the easiest and fastest ways to build a war chest of cash buyers and rehabbers in every city to wholesale your REOs

      Rehabbing Rebel

      • Learn to plan your rehabs flawlessly and have your projects come in under budget
      • Discover how to use your rehab estimates to drive down your purchase price from the seller and the banks so you can buy lower and make more
      • How to find and qualify a contractor and what to avoid at all costs when hiring new crews to renovate your properties so you 110% confident you are not getting screwed
      • Learn to plan a “scope of work” that lays out the entire project step by step and week by week to ensure your projects have a gorgeous end result so they sell like hotcakes.

      Louis Wu – This event was unlike any seminar that I have been to – only content rich, not sell-a-thon rich!

      56 Wholesaling Secrets

      • Discover 6 steps to make 6k in 16 days
      • Learn to build a rabid buyer’s list that devours everything you have to sell
      • You’ll learn the “MLS NINJA” tactic to finding cash buyers in your area tomorrow so you have buyers who can take down your wholesale deals so you get paid quick

      Cash Buyer's System, Green Light Selling System and Selling Checklists

      • Today's best strategies for building a huge buyers list online and how to harvest the buyers list to sell your houses fast
      • Learn how to communicate with your buyers list so they trust you and look up to you and want to buy everything you have to sell
      • Selling checklist to follow to get your properties the most exposure quickly, having buyers knocking down your doors to buy your houses

      Shake The Money Tree: Fast Funding for flips and holds

      • Get all the money you'll ever need to fund every real estate transaction
      • Easily fund deals up to 5 million without any of your own cash or credit
      • Discover the difference between hard money, private money, transactional money, 2 - 90 day short term money, long term buy and hold money... and exactly how to get it
      • Learn why “Done For You” funding services are way overpriced and how to get the money without the extra fees and costs

      Anne Richards – I loved the information at this event. Everyone in Josh’s organization was very friendly and also focused and professional. They truly are committed to helping their students transform their business.

      Dennis Roembke (World Short Sale Main Event II – January 2010)– Glad we committed to come [to the event] even though funds were tight; we took away tools that will help us achieve our goals.

      Closing Protocols and Getting the Check

      • Learn exactly how to line-up and close back-to-back and single sale closings to happen at the same time, without conflicts, making the deals close effortlessly so you get paid.
      • What are the Closing and Funding "RED FLAGS" and “BLACK FLAGS” to closing your back-to-back quick-turns that must be cleaned up and approved prior to closing so you 100% confident you are working “above board”
      • What Closing and Funding "BLACK FLAGS" that will shut down your deals in a heartbeat and make all you efforts fall apart - you'll be able to short-circuit each and every one of these deal-killers, and instead walk away with your pockets stuffed full of money

      Title Company, & “C” Buyer Addendum

      • Discover exact methods for how to get your deals closed every time - FAST
      • Learn the language to put into every “c” buyer contract to protect yourself and ensure your flips close without a hitch so your buyers love you and keep coming back
      • How to locate and interview and qualify a title company or closing attorney that will understand your closing, protect your check and ward off problems so can sleep easy

      Bonus "No-Holds-Barred" Q & A Session With Jeff & I on Opening Night Roundtable Discussion

      • Jeff is notorious for his detailed question and answer sessions and this bonus Q & A will be no different. Be sure to join Jeff and I as we answer all of your hardest hitting questions when it comes to marketing, short sales, contracts, and doing deals in today's changing times.

      But there's something else that I’m going to do for you. I’m practically...

      Bradley Gaskins (World Short Sale Main Event II January 2010)- I was on the edge of my seat absorbing the info for 3 straight days.

      I can’t say enough about the quality of the event, the quality of the information, the quality of the speakers, the quality of the coaches, and lastly the quality of the staff and the little things you did do make it such a great event.

      Giving Away The Store To You!

      It's almost as if I’m emptying out my private store for those that attend.

      These aren't bonuses to entice you... they are extra incentives for success for those wise enough to take action immediately.

      • Foreclosure Academy "Live" Event ($1997 value): Step-By-Step Strategies to Fast Profits With Foreclosures Three (3) Day Boot Camp May 14-16, 2010 in Dallas, TX. Be a part of this three (3) day intensive training event where we will teaching, but not limited to, these areas of Foreclosure:

      • Short Sales
      • REO's
      • Wholesaling Properties

      • Round Table Mastermind With Myself and Jeff Watson (PRICELESS): This is an open floor discussion where you can get your most burning questions answered personally, by Jeff and I in living color. This valuable access could give you personal information that may mean the difference between your next investment being a flop - or a multi-million dollar deal!
      • Bring Your Spouse or Partner for FREE ($1997 value): Share this experience with your business partner or spouse absolutely FREE. They will be able to attend the full 3-day event along side you while you explore the great possibilities in Foreclosures.
      • The Ultimate Short Sale System (Digital Version - $1495 value): New and Improved Home Study Course with 6 Modules:
        • Module #1: Multiple Medium Marketing - Foreclosure Process Explained, 35 Multiple Medium Marketing Strategies, 27 Sample Marketing Pieces, List of Marketing Vendors and Resources
        • Module #2: Referral Marketing & Conversion - Recruiting and Partnering With Buyer's Agents And Realtors, What to Say to Agents and How to Overcome Every Objection, MLS Marketing, Realtor PPT Presentation & Seminar Marketing Plan
        • Module #3: Tools of the Trade - Contracts, Addendums, Disclosures, How to Construct Offer Price, Seller Script and Qualification
        • Module #4: Short Sale Negotiating w/ Lenders & B.P.O.s - Leveraging The HUD 1 For Additional Profit Centers, FNMA, FDMC, FHA and VA guidelines, Exact Explanation Of The Loss Mitigation Forms, How to negotiate with 1st, 2nd, 3rd and liens
        • Module #5: Green Light Selling System & Funding - Buyer's List Building Checklist, MLS Listings And How To Position Your Listing, Property "Syndication"
        • Module #6: Closing, Cash Flow and Keepers - Coordinating Closings, Understanding Approval Letters, Qualifying a Title Company, FHA Buyers, Seasoning
      • Loss Mitigation Negotiation Service ($4000 value): My team will negotiate deals for YOU on properties 300k and over (by application only and at our discretion). You will be teaming up my team who will guide you step-by-step through your high end deals.
      • Transactional Funding (Priceless): Whether you decide to partner up with Josh or not, he will provide you with pre-approval letters for your deals up to Five Million Dollars.
      • 56 Wholesaling Secrets Home Study Course (Digital Version - $997 value): This comprehensive course will guide you through the ins and outs of wholesaling. It will guide you on how to structure your deals so you are making huge profits. It's what I like to call my "6 steps to 6k in 16 days".
      • Mega Media Marketing Mini Course (how to market your company on Television without going broke) ($497 value): Let this mini course "open the flood gates" on how to market yourself on a budget. Get your brand out there, be seen, become one of the most sought out investors in your area.
      • World Short Sale Main Event Audios ($1997 Value): Exclusive recordings completed in January of 2010. You are receiving over 28 hours of unedited comprehensive recordings absolutely FREE. Hear the questions, hear the answers, it is like if you were actually there.
      • Platinum Coaching Audios - 10 coaching calls from my $24k per year high end coaching ($1994 value) - You will receive recordings of two never before released "Gold Coaching Only" events. This is part of my private collection of Platinum coaching audios only available to HIGH end students, but for this one time only, I’m giving them to you. These audios will walk you through the issues of the everyday investor and show you how we are able to guide you through them so you end up with the results you want.
      • Rehabbing Rebel Audio ($197 value): Audio Interview recording with a six-figure Rehabbing Expert.
      • 147k Manuscript (Digital Version - $497 value): These are my personal notes and review of my own events. It is a 245 Page manuscript of the highlights and best ideas of his coaching only event
      • 30 Day $1 Trial of Realeflow Open Road ($997 Value) Open Road combines multiple apps and tools to create the world's most powerful Business Management System. After the first 30-days you pay a 50% off subscription rate of only $97.

      Nick Heffley – I always enjoy SREC events because they are full of good information and they don’t try and sell you too much.

      This simply may be the most comprehensive, complete foreclosure investing event ever held...

      But - Only A Few Lucky Students Will Be Able To Attend This Seminar...and get trained by Jeff and myself.

      Think about it... we ensure your success by teaching you the simplest, yet most scientific marketing system ever brought to the real estate market. We find properties way undervalued in markets on the verge of explosive price moves upwards between 30% and 300%.

      And if you've got the right mindset, I’ll show you how to do the same.

      Make no mistake, many of my students are literally fleecing the flock of other real estate investors. And with his marketing methods driving tons of people to his door, it's like taking candy from a baby.

      These investors have no limits on how much they can make. This is like a dream. But for my elite students, it's a dream come true.

      And, if you follow these simple instructions, you can live that dream too.

      Pam Douglas (World Short Sale Main Event II – January 2010)– Great event! I hate that I didn’t go to an event earlier. I look forward to implementing the ideas that I picked up during the event.

      But Now for the Bad News...

      This is NOT for everybody.

      Not everyone with a credit card and a desire to be rich will be able to attend this closed-door seminar this May 14th, you must act quickly, or be left out in the dark. I expect this to fill up even faster than our other seminars and we can only fit so many investors into the hotel conference room we've been given.

      So if you've got $1495 to invest in your future, click the button right away.


      One Pay Option- Pay $1,495 Now


      Two Pay Option- Pay $845 Now... Pay $845 in 30 Days


      Pay $495 Just To Attend The Event (No Bonuses Will Be Included)

      Brad Simmons (World Short Sale Main Event II – January 2010)– The World Short Sale Main Event is No fluff, No BS, all real-world, usable “meat.” Add to this high-level, high integrity and honorable people and you have a perfect recipe for success.


      However, if you're unsure you want to make that kind of a commitment, then you should know...

      100% Satisfaction Guaranteed... Or you get Every Single Cent Back... No Questions Asked!

      We DO NOT want unhappy customers. In fact, if you're not 100% delighted at what you learn, within 30 days, simply ask for a refund, return all the materials you received and...

      ... you'll get the entire $1495 purchase price back. And we'll still be friends.

      We want you to be happy, and will accept nothing less. So..

      There's No Way To Mess This Up.. No Way To Go Wrong!

      With the best backing in the industry, rest assured you're getting the most quality education, and the best skill you can come by today. My only question to you is…

      Are you prepared for the flood of money that will drown your bank account, once you get back from this seminar, hitting the ground running?

      I'm betting you are. So click here to get started:

      One Pay Option- Pay $1,495 Now


      Two Pay Option- Pay $845 Now... Pay $845 in 30 Days


      Pay $495 Just To Attend The Event (No Bonuses Will Be Included)


      So go ahead and strap yourself in for the wildest ride to riches you've ever had in your life. Because where we're going, you don't need any roads!

      Yours for higher profits,

      Josh Cantwell

      P.S. - Don't miss out on your chance to take advantage of this once in a lifetime market. Discover what really works and our proven systems for profiting in real estate right now. It's time to finally put your real estate investing on track to achieve financial independence. Click now, while there are still seats left:

      One Pay Option- Pay $1,495 Now


      Two Pay Option- Pay $845 Now... Pay $845 in 30 Days


      Pay $495 Just To Attend The Event (No Bonuses Will Be Included)

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