Tim Randle here.
A few months ago I spent a long weekend locked up with a small group of Real Estate alchemists at the REIClub Foreclosure Academy. It was content dense for novice and experienced Investors alike.
And that's not just my opinion. These people were there:

"Best Real Estate training I've been to and I've been to dozens and dozens"

"I was very much impressed with the wealth of content and the simplicity of its presentation"

"The amount of content is amazing"

"This is the most educational event in the industry"

"No nonsense delivery of so much information in an understandable manner"

"There was massive education and information"

"Professionalism of entire presentation - quality presenters, timely info"

"Very dense content"

"Good content without parade of pitches for products"

"More information in 3 days of the Foreclosure Academy than other so called Real Estate Gurus"

"So many experts in one place at one time"

Want To Join The Small, Elite Group of
Short Sale Investors That Are Banking Gold?

Here's the situation...

New York Times, April 2010:
"About seven million households are behind on their mortgage payments."

NPR, April 2010:
A record number of U.S. homes were lost to foreclosure in the first three months of this year, a sign banks are starting to wade through the backlog of troubled home loans at a faster pace, according to a new report.

RealtyTrac Inc. said Thursday that the number of U.S. homes taken over by banks jumped 35 percent in the first quarter from a year ago. In addition, households facing foreclosure grew 16 percent in the same period and 7 percent from the last three months of 2009.

"We're right now on pace to see more than 1 million bank repossessions this year," said Rick Sharga, a RealtyTrac senior vice president.

In all, more than 900,000 households, or one in every 138 homes, received a foreclosure-related notice, RealtyTrac said.

USA/Today, October, 2010:
The epidemic is spreading from the states at the ground zero of the foreclosure problems out into areas that hadn't been previously affected," said Rick Sharga, a senior vice president at RealtyTrac.

The trend is the latest sign that the nation's foreclosure crisis is worsening as homeowners facing high unemployment, slow job growth and uncertainty about home prices continue to fall behind on their mortgage payments.

In all, 133 out of 206 metropolitan areas with at least 200,000 residents posted an annual increase in foreclosure activity in the three months ended Sept. 30, RealtyTrac said.

"Eleven out of the nation's 20 largest metropolitan areas saw foreclosure activity increase in the third quarter compared to the same period last year."

Oh and that great Obama foreclosure prevention program...
About 231,000 homeowners have completed loan modifications. And completions are declining.
That's what you'd call a spit in the ocean.

This news could take your breath away except with all the superlatives (bubbles) we've seen a mere 10 years into this Century it's hard to have any breath left.

Here's One Telling Fact To Focus On:

In 2008, banks took back (repossessed) 96% of the defaulted properties at auction. In 2009 that dropped to 25%.

What does that mean?
Through 2008 a vast, vast majority of mortgage defaults turned into REO's. After the 2009 New Year rung in, banks sobered up a bit and realized REO's were crushing them and that Short Sales resulted in much lower losses.

But banks are still banks which seems to be synonymous with less than complementary terms such as stupid, obstructionists, and, well I'm sure you can add your own terms.

Just because Short Sales are the much SMARTER solution for all involved doesn't mean they're ready, willing and able to actually help make them happen easily.

That's one of those bad news/good news things.
Here's why...

I certainly haven't revealed any earth shattering news above. We all know:

Mortgage defaults are a mega huge problem.

We also know by our own personal experience or the harried tales we've heard, doing Short Sales ranks up there somewhere between a thousand razor cut torture and a 5-hour water boarding session.

And we also know - or at least highly suspect - that A SMALL MINORITY of Investors are banking gold with Short Sales.

That's what I want to tell you about -

Even Though You Weren't There,
You Don't Have To Miss Out
On Real Estate Gold

An alchemist is someone who can change (transmute) base metals - which have little value - into gold, which over the span of history has had great value.

Some view an alchemist as a chemist. Some believe he is more of a magician.

I mentioned earlier that I spent the weekend with a small group of elite Real Estate Investor alchemists. They held a 3 long day Foreclosure Academy - a super intense weekend of amazing stealth and hyper effective Short Sale know how.

The Short Sale opportunity - which is huge and getting even bigger - has been illusive and frustrating for so many investors who have furiously tried to break into the vault.

Crushing for them.
But for the few that actually know how to turn the dials... the rewards are huge.

It all came together for the students who attended the REIClub Foreclosure Academy...

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The round table discussion with the coaches was the most valuable. I realize with your organization's help my business will be awesome. You guys totally delivered. I am in a position to make at least 60K in the next 4 to 6 months.

- Pam Douglas

I was really motivated throughout the event by the staff and other students. The sessions on paperwork and contracts were the biggest wow for me. Everything was great about the training and put me in a position to earn more money implementing some of the new marketing strategies covered.

- Samuel Rodriguez

My expectations were fulfilled. Foreclosure Academy gave specific information and materials that taught us what we need to know for our new business venture. We were here for short sales information and got it! I felt that I was in the presence of a huge knowledge base. We had fun and were saturated with targeted detailed education.

- Ganeen White

In a moment I'm going to tell you how you can get your hands on the DVDs from this intense, business and life-changing weekend.

First, let me introduce you to a few alchemists and Short Sale wizards...

Josh Cantwell

Josh is an innovator. He invented many of the concepts and systems that a bunch of other (now) top real estate investors have copied. He's been through nearly seven hundred foreclosures, pre-foreclosures, short sales, and REO's. He doesn't just invest. He creates new strategies based on adapting to moving targets. And as you well know - the rules, as well as the market conditions have been changing rapidly over the past few years.

Josh created the automatic Real Estate Investing business - a slickly efficient model that automates finding and flipping properties, while you're at the beach... or the golf course.

His unique proprietary systems are the foundations of his own seven-figure real estate business. He also coaches others how to quickly customize and build their own six and seven-figure cash monster.

He'll give you your winner's mindset. You'll master your inner mental game and get deals done in record time no matter what the circumstance.

Jeff Watson

Jeff is the premier real estate attorney to many of the biggest real estate gurus. He doesn't just spew out pages and pages of whereas, therefore, liquidated damages, indemnification, severability and other gobbledegook, he's also been an active Real Estate Investor since 1994... residential and commercial, in his home town and across several other states.

Jeff is also working with lobbyists to reform Fannie and Freddie and scale back and reverse some of the anti-investor rule changes made over the last couple years.

When it comes to contracts and asset protection there's no more skilled alchemist in the land of real estate investing.

Jerami King

After many years as a high level bank Loss Mitigator insider, Jerami knows all the deep dark secrets... and he's naming names and mapping out - in exact detail - how to float like a butterfly and sting like a bee through the lender side of a Short Sale.

For any other unarmed investor, dealing with the banks is like trying to whistle while you suck on a lemon. For you it'll be a symphony.

Jerami is the founder of KK Consulting. They're a full service Loss Mitigation company stepping in for clients and handling the entire process with lenders. They've delivered over $500,000 in profits to their clients in little more than a year. That's PROFITS not transaction value.

Now, let me reveal just a little bit about the detailed, game changing, wealth making experience these DVDs will deliver...


(4 hours, 12 minutes of detailed Short Sale insider information.)

Take careful notes as Jerami completely peels back each layer of the Short Sale onion and learn the exact package every lender will want. Covers letters, hardship letters, HUD1, order of the package, where to send it to, how to get it assigned quickly, and other paperwork you'll easily know, good enough to train your team members to do for you. Who knows better than a former bank top-level Loss Mitigator insider. And he'll reveal every form, disclosure, addendum and clause you need to foolproof your offer and limit your liability.

  • How to craft a Short Sale package that will get attention and let your negotiator bring you top dollar
  • How to design the perfect HUD1 that will often net you thousands of dollars more per deal - sly tricks with this seemingly boring and simple document that no one else knows
  • Let's name names: which Banks play nice, which Banks play nasty... this makes a huge difference in how long it will take or even if you're likely to have a successful transaction... don't you want to know the score before investing your time, effort and money
  • Positive Results Conversation - fancy name. The specific method of quickly pre-qualifying your deals so you can focus on the winners and drop the time wasters before investing anytime in appointments
  • All about Broker Price Opinions (BPOs) - what they are and how the feasibility and profitability of the transaction relies on them
  • Best way to orchestrate the BPO so you buy at the lowest price and sell at the highest price
  • How to get the lender to use your BPO values every time
  • The 3 must includes on a Short Sale Purchase Agreement
  • Why you need to do a Preliminary Title Report. Order it around the same time as the BPO
  • What about 2nd liens... ask the lender this precise question to know if you should move forward or walk
  • Do NOT sign your B to C contract until you have...
  • Don't even include these two items on a repair list... but there's still a way to cover the costs
  • Why you should go to the Court House foreclosure auctions and NOT buy... you'll get something much more valuable than a good deal
  • The best time to push the lender's Loss Mitigator
  • Where to get 30 day fast funding for flips with NO upfront fees... regardless of your credit score or financial qualifications


(4 hours, 55 minutes of precise legalese made understandable.)

Contracts, addendums, disclosures, oh my. Use the right legal tools and you're in good. Use the wrong legal tools and you literally could wind up bankrupt. But there's something even more elite about the completely innovative and unique contract strategy Josh and Jeff use. It's even trademarked and NOBODY else has this down... nor will they ever be able to rip it off (without landing in their own legal boiling pot of water).

Yea, it's sort of an option contract... but much more stealth. And it's sort of like a land contract... but way more effective and tax beneficial. And besides title companies and lenders have virtually shut out land contracts. Quite simply this is the best method to make cash in the Short Sale market... it's also the most tax beneficial and liability limiting.

To those not privy it simply walks like a duck and quacks like a duck... so they think it's just the same ole duck, but in reality it's a tiger.

  • About that Freddie Mac property flipping waiver... it won't effect you
  • Seasoning, smeasoning. It may lock out other investors but not you when you know this secret
  • Title companies no longer close deals using a Land Trust. This super slick, trademarked method works even better... knowing about - and using - this method alone is worth more than the entire cost of the weekend
  • FHA 90 day hold cramping your cash flow... here's how you can LEGALLY do a same day A-B, B-C sale with an FHA loan... the Garn St Germain Federal Depository Act guarantees it
  • How to locate, interview and qualify a title company or closing attorney. You can't play a professional game with amateurs and you can't gamble you'll just happen to get a sophisticated closing team. This is how you ENSURE you will
  • Do you know those sneaky lenders can drop a bomb on your back to back transaction by retracting the Short Sale. Do this one thing and you stop them cold
  • Why you MUST counter offer EVERY offer - even when the price is right
  • The 6 word-for-word clauses to include in your Counter
  • Ask the end buyers lender this to ensure no surprises that kill the deal
  • Control the lender and title company in an A-B, B-C deal or you may never get to closing
  • 3 important save-your-butt reasons why you must record a Notice of Option contract. Here's what it should say. Here's when and where to record it
  • Using an option contract gives you these four advantages
  • The heads up statement to always include in your option contract so you stay above reproach
  • Do this early and often
  • When your HUD1 needs to be a non-HUD HUD and why this makes your life easier
  • What's an Authorization to Release Information - where do you get it, what do you use it for and when
  • Title insurance - don't leave closing without it if you're going to hold title more than a minute
  • What four words need to be on an option contract for a Florida property
  • $10 is sufficient consideration in all states but...?
  • The difference between equitable interest and contractual interest and how it effects your transaction
  • How to fix title problems and why you must
  • Option contracts have time periods... how long should yours be?
  • Don't forget the spouse
  • What you need to know about Equator - this is about doing Short Sales, not about geography
  • Use these 4 characteristics to find the best short sale properties
  • How long should a long term lease be? one day less than...


(5 hours, 49 minutes of marketing from core concepts to advanced strategies.)

We all like the thrill of a deal strategy. Let's face it - you can know 17 ways to short sell, 15 methods to flip houses, 22 tricks of wholesaling but the hard fact is:

if you don't have buyers or sellers, you don't have squat.

How do you get more done for less? Automate and systematize. The Marketing sessions are packed with both solid basics and little known, leading edge methods to keep your pipeline full.

  • Realtors... Investors hate them. You'll love them when you learn how easy it is to have them be delighted to list and sell your houses for you - fast
  • Follow these 5 rules to completely dominate your market online
  • "Deals" are Buyer mousetraps... here's the cheese you need to get them to bite
  • 3 easy-to-implement strategies to draw in more people to your website than watch the Super Bowl
  • Blogging absolutely gets great results. But blogging is A LOT of work... EXCEPT if you do it this way... so little work, such big rewards
  • Use Twitter this way and you could get enough leads to keep your pipeline full. Oh, and, you can automate the whole thing
  • Do you know about the premier tool of the trade that will completely automate 80-90% of your lead generation
  • Nobody ever plans to be in foreclosure. Here's how you can use that to your advantage while your competition focuses on the wrong thing
  • Defining your sweet spot and why that matters... a lot
  • The #1 reason Investors fail to achieve a profitable business and how you won't fall victim to it
  • types of marketing campaigns and when and why to use each one
  • The most valuable thing you can do in marketing
  • The most important marketing campaign input. Don't make the mistake of ignoring this and losing big
  • Free skip trace?... here's 4 places to get them
  • The cheapest, most effective marketing is?
  • The marketing method that gets the greatest response
  • Follow these 3 rules to ensure a successful marketing campaign. Everything else is noise
  • How to set up your referral engine
  • Avoid these 3 top mistakes with Realtors
  • 4 best lead types... 2 of them virtually unknown
  • You got the lead, they're not going to work out as a buyer or seller. Here's how you can still monetize them
  • The hare and tortoise... what's the critical difference?


(5 hours, 59 minutes of beyond the single deal, how to create a wealth building business.)

For some folks Real Estate Investing is a hobby. We wish them well. For the serious Investor - part time or full time - it's a business with a profit objective... a huge profit objective.

Other courses may teach you some methods or techniques but no matter what type of investing you choose to focus on, until you learn how to work as a systematized business you'll always be trading hours for dollars.

  • The crucial difference between a business owner and an investor and why it matters to your wealth
  • These are your 3 daily priorities. Build your business around these and success will be locked in
  • It's not the money, it's the...
  • Are you running on random... Do you know how much that costs you?
  • Start with ACER, explode your results
  • Six keys to a 7-figure business
  • How GAM can crush your productivity and the simple way to stop it
  • How to permanently lock your mind into wealth mode... so you'll never struggle from deal to deal
  • Why each person working in your business - and YOU - need a POA
  • What drummers and meetings have in common
  • To take your business beyond today and this week you must consistently schedule time for FFT
  • The only time you should multi-task, in fact it's much better to multi-task this way
  • The simple rule of thumb for outsourcing and delegation
  • A bad hire costs businesses on average $300,000. Here's specifically how to advertise, sort and interview to ensure you hire right
  • What you get when you pay commission based compensation and why all of your employees and contractors should have at least part of their compensation commission
  • Have an in house negotiator? They should be able to handle this many files at a time. More than that and you risk them dropping the ball


(47 minutes of how to play wealth defense.)

  • Wealth alert: the top 4 legal and wealth challenges Real Estate Investors have and how to side step them
  • Keep accurate records of these 3 things or as many folks who haven't, one day your wealth can go up in smoke
  • Handshakes are nice... at cocktail parties. Get this document signed before you allow anyone to do work on a property... and avoid a nasty legal hangover
  • Having the proper wealth shields discourages lawsuits like a frayed tight rope above a 5,000 foot canyon discourages visitors... how to determine what shields work for your unique situation
  • How many identities do you need?
  • Not all _____________ or all ____________ are created equal
  • Why the reality of visibility is a threat to you
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I enjoyed most at the Foreclosure Academy the enthusiasm, information and honesty. Everything was wonderful. It opened my eyes to everything I had no clue about. Using the strategies learned at this event I can make as much as my efforts will produce.

- Rory Cantinella

I believed so much in this training, that I brought my whole office here to the event.

- Mike Kleinstub

As you can see this closed door conference was packed with top notch, elite Real Estate Investing information that can:
* make and grow your wealth...
* in a business that YOU lead rather than being a slave to...
* all while reducing your liability and taxes and protecting your wealth and livelihood

There's a total 21 hours and 45 minutes of business and life changing content.

Although you didn't make it to the live event you don't have to be denied access to this content. We got everything on video. We've edited out all the breaks and mulling around, but you can stop for your own breaks when ever needed. And even better than the live event - you can pause, rewind and replay as many times as you need to fully grasp everything.

Many folks at the live event preordered the DVDs because they wanted to do just that... pause, rewind and replay. It's simply too much information to absorb one time through. And it's too important to miss.

Now it's up to you and how serious you truly are about being a wildly successful Real Estate Investor.

Path dependence is a term that means the decisions you face in any given situation are limited by the decisions you've made in the past, whether or not those decisions are still relevant. Essentially, decisions you've made in your life have led you to this very point.

And the decision you make right now will determine your future outcomes. So let's quickly review the landscape here:

- The number of mortgage defaulted and defaulting properties is staggering
- The President's foreclosure avoidance program is an embarrassing and unmitigated failure
- The banks - even though it's clearly in their best interest to Short Sale as many properties as possible - make the process so difficult, aggravating and unpredictable for Investor after Investor and Real Estate Agent after Real Estate Agent that - pardon my language - the toilet just isn't flushing
- Josh and his team have - to continue the analogy - the super, high-tech plunger that ensures they push the profit button over and over

There simply aren't better teachers to learn from. And with these guys, they're not ivory tower teachers, they're real world (and real 7-figure success) practitioners. In fact they test on themselves so you're neither a lab rat for unproven theories nor someone getting snowed with outdated stuff.

The choice is yours.

You can get the full video (DVD) set or an audio only (CD) set.

Investors paid as much as $2,000 plus travel, food and lodging to attended the live event. Not a single person was disappointed. Many pre-ordered the DVDs because it was simply too much to take in all at once.

You'll pay only a small fraction of that and still get all the same great content. No time away from family or business. No aggressive airport security pat-downs. And you can digest it all at your own pace.

Move Forward Today And You Also Get These Special Bonuses...

Special Bonus #1:

Virtual Assistants -
Expert Interview with Alan Brymer

Alan has been a successful full time investor since the age of 22. He's Founder and President of the Utah Valley Real Estate Investors Association and creator of The Assistant Who Pays Their Own Salary.

Alan learned one simple rule early on: You can make more money if you don't do everything yourself. This interview is packed with practical how & what to and what not to do to expand your business AND have a life.

Special Bonus #2:

How To Hire Your Real Estate Dream Team

Top Real Estate Investors are not a one-person team. There's simply too much to do... too many different skill sets. Each person on your team can increase your profit or cost you. Assembling your dream team puts you at the center of control.

Special Bonus #3:

"Proof of Funds" Letter to Help Close Your Deals

When you have back-to-back closings, unless you've got tens of thousands to sink into a deal, you're going to have to pre-qualify.

That means a "proof of funds" letter. Believe me, these things aren't free - and you typically have to qualify for it.

But when you have an "A - B" sale, and you line up a "B - C" sale, you're gonna need to pre-qualify, and this is the fastest and easiest way. You can make a lot of cash while saving a ton of time with this valuable letter.

Special Bonus #4:

Transactional Funding:
Use Our Money to Close Your Deals

Once you start rolling with multiple deals, you're might find yourself in a tight spot where you need some quick, at the closing table, cash. That's where "transactional funding" leaps in to rescue you.

Whether it's a short sale, REO, whatever...

...they can often make it happen when you need it. We'll introduce you to a funding source that will make your deal possible - and allow you to improve your closing rate!

These bonuses are yours to keep.

And, as always...

100% Ironclad Money Back Guarantee

I'm so confident that you will love this powerful real estate investing information that I'm willing to bear 100% of the risk for the next 30 days. That means that you can get in now plus get all the bonuses RISK FREE and give it a shot for 30 days. If you aren't happy for any reason simply let us know and I'll immediately cancel your order and I'll even let you keep all the bonuses as my way of saying thank you!

"REIClub Foreclosure Academy DVD's"


"REIClub Foreclosure Academy CD's"


Good Investing,

P.S. As one student at the live event said: "This is the most educational event in the industry". You owe it to yourself to get a hold of the DVDs and bank your own Real Estate gold.

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